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Il conflitto tra pareri nelle autorizzazioni ambientali (PIANETA TERRA – A.N.E.V.)


Comment on sentence CdS 9697

Simplifications for the Renewable Sources sector (PLANET EARTH – A.N.E.V.)

An overview of agro-energy companies (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

The TAR Puglia cancels the CUP Regulation of the Province of Foggia (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Location of wind farms, Pas and municipalities powers (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)


Acceleration and simplification measures of the environmental and landscape procedure (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Acceleration and simplification for interventions in renewables (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Cadastral rent of the wind towers: a dispute initiated at final composition? (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Incentives for self-consumption and energy communities (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

D.L. Simplifications and new limits to the control powers of the GSE (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)


The Decree "Simplifications": the changes made to procedures and titles in the field of F.E.R. (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Changes and simplifications for the administrative procedure (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Wind and royalty, serves responsibility by local governments (DAILY ENERGY)

Impact of Covid-19 on renewable sources (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)


Concurrent legislative power: limits and criticalities for the development of renewables (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)


The cancellation of the switching of green certificates in tariff - (ARTICLE QUALENERGIA)

Wind farms and landscape protection without landscape constraints (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V)

The cds specifies and delimits the powers of control of the GSE (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Landscape and renewable authorisation (Qualenergia)

Wind and territory because the TAR Naples has asked clarifications to the Campania Region (Qualenergia)


The active legal legitimacy of environmental associations (PLANET EARTH - ANEV)

Jurisdiction in disputes over the location of a wind farm

The sanctioning powers of the GSE: illegitimate the ten-year interdictive sanction (PLANET EARTH - A.N.E.V.)

Wind farms and landscape protection without landscape constraint

Simplified enabling procedure and protection of third parties

P.A.S. and ex post verification powers (Qualenergia)


V.I.A. posthumously examined by the ECJ (Qualenergia)

The new discipline of the conference of services


The legal nature and the value of national guidelines on RES (PLANET EARTH - ANEV)

The landscape authorisation within the single procedure and the scope of qualified dissensions


The D.Lgs. 282011 (Town planning and Procurement)


Scia (Urbium)

Equalization PRG of Rome (Town planning and Procurement)


Endorsement. Still limits and clarifications (Town planning and Contracts)


Location of wind farms (Town planning and Procurement)

Partial cancellation and renewal of tender (Town planning and Procurement)


Self-protection and compensation (Town planning and Procurement)

Community constraints, discretion and self protection (Town planning and Procurement)


Urban Transformation Society (Il Corriere del Merito)

Planning and motivation choices (Town planning and Procurement)

Change of use and contributions of urbanization works (Urban planning and Procurement)


Works with reduced urbanization charges (Town planning and Procurement)

ATI and nature of liability (towards the contracting entity) (Rivista giuridica dell'Edilizia - Giuffrè)