Ecclesiastical Bodies

The consultancy that Gslex provides to Ecclesiastical bodies is part of the broader scope of intervention in favor of non-commercial bodies and is substantiated, in addition to the activities described with reference to third sector bodies, in the interpretation and application of specific canonical and ecclesiastical legislation, with particular reference to the drafting and verification of statutes and regulations, to issues relating to the management and administration of ecclesiastical assets, as well as to the problems connected with the reorganization of their legal and patrimonial structures.

Particolare competenza è stata acquisita in relazione agli enti che gestiscono attività scolastiche, sanitarie e socio assistenziali e educative, per quanto concerne (i) l’assistenza nella riorganizzazione degli assetti istituzionali e giuridico-patrimoniali, (ii) l’assistenza legale e fiscale nelle fasi di cessione di aziende e/o rami aziendali; (iii) l’assistenza nella fasi di restructuring phases, legal, fiscal and administrative due diligence activities.

With the launch of the Third Sector Reform, Gslex assists Ecclesiastical Bodies in the establishment of the ETS branch (Third Sector Bodies) and in the related obligations required by current legislation.